Virginia Senate – George Allen

Former Senator and Governor George Allen is running for election to his old seat, a seat he lost to Jim Webb in 2006 after a video went viral of the then Senator exchanging words with a democratic tracker.   Allen has a consistently conservative record. While in the Senate he was a reliable vote for Republican leadership.  George Allen was also one of the better Governors Virginia has ever seen.  During his one term tenure in the office, Governor Allen reformed welfare, made government more efficient and eliminated parole making the streets safer for Virginia families.

While Allen did vote for some increases in government spending while in the Senate, and is not the most Conservative candidate in the Primary field – he is the only Conservative with real qualifications and a chance of winning in November.  Jamie Radtke a Tea Party favorite has really no qualifications to speak of what so ever and has failed to mount any sort of a serious campaign, with both fundraising and grass roots operations meager at best.

Delegate Bob Marshall has also recently entered the race, and while he does have some qualifications such as his long service in the General Assembly in Richmond, but much like Radtke he has yet to mount much of a serious candidacy which leaves many to wonder if he won the primary would he be capable of taking on Democratic power house Tim Kaine.

Thusly the most qualified conservative and our endorsee is George Allen.

As always, please send a donation to George as he will face an expensive general election.